These pages contain released versions of various development tools.

The compiler directory contains compilers for different versions of the Compact language, which are used at Midnight to describe smart contracts.

Running on a DApp developer's computer, our compiler ingests a Compact-language contract and produces a collection of JavaScript/TypeScript definitions that provide a custom API for a smart contract, the cryptographic materials and 'circuit' descriptions needed by the proof server to create zero-knowledge proofs to enforce the terms of the smart contract while shielding your private data.

The examples directory contains sample code for several DApps used in the Developer tutorial: welcome, bboard, bboard-tutorial, and counter. More information about our examples may be found here.

The vscode directory contains a Visual studio code plugin to assist with the development of Compact smart development. More information about the plugin may be found here.

The wallet directory contains a Chrome extension Midnight-enabled edition of the Lace wallet. More details about the wallet may be found here.

The Compact compiler, Proof server, Midnight-Lace wallet, VSCode extension, Docker images for the proof server and other client services, and Node libraries are available to you through their respective links.